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Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2013: 42 k.m.
I started running in my second year of college and I fell in love with it instantly! Being a regular runner, I was well aware of the runner’s high that I would get each time I would put on my running shoes and jog on the 2.8 k.m. stretch outside college. I participated in a Marathon the first time in 2012, where I ran the Relay Marathon (10.5 k.m. distance) with three other team-mates from college. A month later on my 21st birthday, I ran 21 k.m. at the Hyderabad Heritage Marathon and secured the third position. After that, there was no looking back. In exactly a year’s time in 2013, I ran 42.2. k.m. which was the maximum distance that I have ever run. This inevitably gave me a feeling of accomplishment. I felt that I had reached the zenith of my running career.
(This post is however not about how much I enjoyed running the first time but how I failed to keep up my running and stopped enjoying it after a point. I am happy that I have finally come to love running again a second time!)
When I started playing football a couple of years back, running took a backseat. Where I used to run regularly both in the morning as well as in the evening, I started confining my runs to the weekends. Soon after I did the Full Marathon, I got injured while playing football and was advised to rest for four months. After recovering from the injury, I went back to playing football and stopped running altogether. I felt that I was anyway building my stamina through football and hence did not need to practise running. While I still continued to take part in a running event every now and then, I stopped running regularly. Although there were times when I willed myself to go out for a jog, I had stopped enjoying it. Infact, running started seeming like a chore to me and I could not imagine why people could even think of running as a pleasurable exercise. Frankly, I started finding running quite boring and loved playing football instead.
After graduating from college about a year back, I stopped doing any physical exercise. I took part in the PinkIIThon 5K run and the Puma Urban Stampede-10K run last year, but I still did not feel the runner’s high coming back to me. I felt like I was participating just for the heck of it.
This changed when I got the opportunity to run on the professional track at IIT-Madras, where I could also measure the distance that I was running. I resolved to begin with 400 m and increase the distance bit by bit. This seemed to work for me, since I felt a sense of achievement when each day I ran more than I had the previous day.
I am glad that I did not give up on running entirely and gave it a second chance. I look forward to running regularly now and I find myself falling in love with running once more 🙂
Now, I hope I can stick to my New Year Resolution of running every day!

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